5 Activities For a More Positive Mind: Part II

5 Activities For a More Positive Mind: Part II

Maha Souman, LSW

Part I can be read here.

We all find it much easier to simply focus on the negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences rather than focusing on those positive ones.

Many individuals battling those negative thoughts are unaware of the potential that awaits if more focused on positive thinking. Psychology research has shown time and again the power of positive thinking and the increase of happiness in individuals as a result of it.

In this blog, you will find research-based activities that can guide you to move your focus away from negative thinking and move you closer to a more positive and balanced perspective that will potentially enrich and enhance your quality of life.

Activity #1: End It Well

The goal of this activity is to celebrate success, values and beliefs and practice positive acknowledgment.

End it Well

Research has shown that we tend to focus primarily on the ending of experiences rather than on the entire experience. Therefore, if an experience ends in a positive way it will color the entire experience as a positive one while ending an experience in a negative manner may color your entire experience as that even if it was truly not. It is therefore vital to give more focus to the end of an event, experience, or memory in order for you to recognize it in a positive way.

Activity #2: Tension to Relaxation

The goal of this activity is to focus on relaxation tools that can be useful for coping with everyday stressors while maintaining a positive outlook.

Tension to Relaxation

When you sense that you are engaging excessively in negative self-talk or feeling the stress of a long day, tensing and relaxing various muscles throughout your body is an effective and certain way to reduce that stress and tension. This is referred to as Progressive Muscle Relaxation which focuses on the premise that tension is your body’s psychological response mechanism to stress, negativity, and anxiety.

Activity #3: Write the Positive

The goal of this activity is to improve your mood by writing down positive experiences, emotions, and memories for three consecutive days.

Write the Positive

Every day for three consecutive days, choose a positive experience from your life, whether it be recent or old, imagine yourself in that moment and write about it in detail. Writing about such positive feelings or experiences is a way to connect positively with yourself and enhance your mood tremendously in a positive aspect. Positive emotional writing has also been linked to a reduced state of anxiety, stress, and depression.

Activity # 4: Breathe Positivity

The goal of this activity is to focus on mindful breathing techniques for a more centered and present moment.

Breathe Positivity

Mindful breathing can allow you to feel more present in the moment in order to let go of negative thoughts, stress, and worry. When practicing mindful breathing, try thinking of a positive or happy thought and as you breathe in. And while breathing out, allow yourself to breathe out a negative or unhappy thought or memory.

Activity # 5: Activities You Value

The goal of this activity is to find meaningful and enjoyable activities that will enhance your life.

Activities You Value

In life, it is essential to find meaning and enjoyment in the activities you do often. Finding meaning and purpose to things we do is a certain way to allow for a more positive mindset. This activity will challenge you to find three activities of your choice that you find enjoyable, meaningful and positive and conduct those activities in the span of one day. Later, write about these activities and discover

Changing your perspective from a negative outlook to a more positive one can be difficult and will take a lot of practice and time. Practice patience as you begin to try these positive activities and seek professional help to ease your journey!

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