5 Reasons Why You Should Love You in 2024!

5 Reasons Why You Should Love You in 2024!

By Betsy Stephens, LSW

Getting googly-eyed in the mirror can pay off with happiness, better sleep and more! Even if you find it easy to show love to your family, friends or significant other; showing love to yourself might be a different story. If you haven’t spent much time loving on yourself, doing so might just feel unfamiliar and awkward. But researchers have found there’s good reason to get past any discomfort you might have. They say self-love, something they refer to as a “self-positivity word bias” is good for your mental health and overall well-being.

Here are some five ways holding yourself in high regard can help.

Reason #1: You’ll be happier

If you had to spend every minute of every day with someone you didn’t know or like very well, you’d be pretty miserable. So, taking the time to get to know yourself, means getting to know that person you spend all your time with. The more you know and like that person, the happier you will be to spend time with them.

Reason #2: You’ll stress less

When you’re able to show yourself love by catering to your own needs,you’ll lower your stress levels. Here’s an example: If you go out with a friend then agree to make one more stop before going home – all the while you know you’re putting off an important task at home – you’ll start to feel pretty stressed on the way home. You might also feel guilt or shame in anticipation of failing at the undone task. These negative emotions make it more difficult for you to experience positive emotions such as happiness and contentment, and they can add to the amount of anxiety you experience daily.

Reason #3: All of life’s questions get easier

You make a ton of decisions every day. Everything from what you’re going to wear or eat to where you’re going to vacation, how you’re going to spend your holiday bonus and whether you’re going to ask for that promotion. The better you know yourself, the easier all the little decisions you make every day will be. The bottom line? If you have a hard time answering small questions about yourself, the bigger questions can feel impossible.

Reason #4: You’ll be more motivated

Whatever you’re focusing on is what will get done. And, let’s face it, we focus on things we like. When you like yourself, you’ll be more likely to focus on yourself and your needs. This focus will allow you to check things off your To-Do list. Having a lot of items unchecked on a long To-Do List is overwhelming. In fact, it can be so daunting that you don’t even want to start. On the other hand, the more you check off your own To-Do list, the more you will feel motivated to do!

Reason #5: You’ll sleep better

Limiting the stress you experience daily and increasing your levels of contentment will make it easier for you to relax. When you’re able to relax, you can fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer. Getting your zzz’s can also help you avoid further physical and mental stress. It’s a win-win!

About the Writer

Betsy Stephens is a Licensed Social Worker in New Jersey. She practices at Verne Psychotherapy and Wellness LLC. In addition to being a therapist, Betsy taught mindfulness-based practices for 20-plus years. When she isn’t conducting therapy sessions, Betsy enjoys teaching and practicing yoga.

Verne Psychotherapy and Wellness LLC is a private therapy practice in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. Verne has multiple therapists with a wide range of expertise treating anxiety, depression, trauma, and beyond. Verne accepts people of all cultural, racial, and sexual backgrounds. We serve clients ages 12 to 65+. We have an in-person office in Montclair, New Jersey and also can see patients virtually. To get matched with one of our therapists, please call our office at 862-330-1727 ext 3.

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