Therapy FAQ’s

Therapy FAQ’s

By Julie Marshall

What is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)?

A licensed clinical social worker, as recognized in the state of New Jersey, is an individual that has studied and met all of the state’s requirements to practice as a psychotherapist. Requirements are:

• Bachelor’s degree
• Master’s degree in Social Work
• Internship work
• Pass a general licensing exam (LSW)
• Pass a clinical licensing exam (LCSW)
• Work under clinical supervision two years post LSW exam

Out-of-network sounds pricey…why don’t you take insurance?

We are an out-of-network provider at this time. However, you may be entitled to out-of-network reimbursement (sometimes up to 60%). Sometimes, you may be able to obtain a single case agreement with insurance companies for specific providers.

Many times, insurance companies can bring along restrictions such as how long we can meet for, the cost of coverage, loss of coverage, etc. Because of these limitations, we want to create a predictable fee and coverage structure. We know therapy can be costly and want to help make it less of a financial strain. Let’s discuss the options that best meet your needs.

Is Online Therapy as effective as in-person therapy?

Called by many names, online therapy (teletherapy/telehealth), has been researched to be a proven effective therapeutic medium. Online therapy has been around for 20 years and has been increasingly popular as technology has advanced. Now, it is a mainstream service and alternative to in-person therapy.

Patients like the comfort of meeting with a professional in the comfort of their own home and might prefer it over going to professional medical settings. There is the added convenience of no commute and can be flexibly added into breaks in a day.

How long do I need to go to therapy for? How frequently?

Therapy is an individual experience, meaning some people come in for only a few months while others find it beneficial for years. We cannot guarantee how long this will be for you because most of that is unpredictable. What we do recommend, though, is at least two months of weekly individual therapy sessions. This gives enough time for the therapist to get to know you, for you to formulate a treatment plan, and work on beginning goals.

What can you tell me that I can’t already find out through self-help resources?

People typically seek out therapy when they have not gotten their needs met by self-help resources. Self-help resources, while beneficial in their own right, are missing the human touch and personalization that a qualified therapist can provide. Many self-help resources will have a disclaimer saying it is not to be made as a replacement for professional services.

Do you have any testimonials?

Due to patient privacy, I do not collect or post testimonials. However, I can tell you that many of my patients comment on their ability to feel connected and understood by me. They usually express their gratitude with how I have helped them overcome personal challenges.

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